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An adventure searching for the perfect derelict Riad, through the constuction itself, to the end result (insha'Allah!)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

definitely maybe?

09 Dec 2010: Grant and Aziz took us to view a few more riads this trip and of these the favourite was  in Derb El Boumba (meaning pump or fountain in Arabic), in Douar Graoua, which to us has become 'the pomegranate riad' after the large pomegranate tree in the courtyard.   It is empty and derelict, but ticks all our boxes on price, area, size, etc. The site visit has confirmed it as a knock down and rebuild proposition with only one storey (so more simple to demolish).  With a 123sqm footprint it is big enough to create a decent sized 4 sided riad.  The next day Grant called to say that the owners were increasing the price, but by Saturday morning Grant had the situation back in line.  We went back again that day, taking Simon from Riad Laksiba for his opinion, following which we agreed that Grant speak to the owners, agree the price and get them to take it off the market until our next trip back, in January!
Corner of El Boumba and Rue Laarassi
Derb El Boumba
Corner of El Boumba and Arset el Houta
Derb El Boumba (looking west)
Derb El Boumba (looking west with riad on left)
Derb El Boumba (looking east)
Existing cedarwood ceiling beams (to be salvaged!)
odd window features
ground floor salon (with tajine!)
on the roof terrace (only one storey, so lower than surrounding riads - for now!)
Grant and Laura
Grant and Laura
Grant talking on the roof terrace
neighbours airing their rugs
mint tea anyone?
great windows!

and more interesting features!

Front door!
nice wall features
can these be salvaged?
pomegranate tree
courtyard from roof terrace
©photographs: Laura Hudson Mackay and Simon Hawkesley

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