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Friday, 25 February 2011

Lots of Reading!

Moroccan bookworm paradise!

Now that things have moved on with the purchase of the house, we are getting into the design phase.  I feel under pressure to get this right, as unlike a renovation project where the room sizes are generally fixed, as we have decided to go down the new build route, there is the opportunity to create the space we want.  This raises the obvious question... what do we want? There are lots of books on Moroccan interiors and I think we have accumulated a collection of most of them!
There are some really special books with lots of explanation of Moroccan design philosophy (and loads of beautiful pictures!):
- Marrakech, living on the edge of the desert, Massimo Listri and Daniel Rey
- Moroccan Interiors, Lisa Lovatt-Smith
- The Villas & Riads of Morocco, Corinne Verner
- Morocco, Courtyards & Gardens, Achva Benzinberg Stein
- Marrakech, Un art de vivre entre riads et maisons d'hotes - Pascal Dafraire and Patrica Minne
- Morocco Design Decor, Philippe Saharoff & Francesca Torre
- New Moroccan Style, Susan Sully
- Moroccan Style, Alexandra Bonfante-Warren
- Living In Morocco, Lisl & Landt Dennis
- Islamic Geometric Patterns, Eric Broug
- Islamic Art in Detail, Sheila R. Canby
- Morocco Modern, Herbert Ypma
- Morocco Style, Angelika Taschen
- Islamic Design (a genius for geometry), David Sutton

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