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An adventure searching for the perfect derelict Riad, through the constuction itself, to the end result (insha'Allah!)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Week 9 - Meet the Neighbours!

Now that Riad Romma'n is really taking shape, word spreads quickly and everyone in the derb (street) seems to know about it (how could they not notice the dust and banging, etc).  Fortunately, the neighbours are all very positive about a newly built riad appearing in their derb.  On our first morning site visit, we had brought boxes of Scottish shortbread from home to give as gifts for the neighbours to apologise for the disruption they have been suffering.  Its not much, but we wanted to give a peace offering.  The shortbread was very well received (we think?!) and it gave us a chance to have a quick chat and meet the neighbours.  To the left lives Fatima Zahra and her family (we have not met them all yet), to the right lives Fatima and her family and across the derb lives Fatiah and her family, who came out to welcome us (see picture below).

Fatiah, one of the friendly neighbours

The derb kids are particularly friendly, often trying to sneak into Riad Romm'an for a nosy when the builders are not looking.  Their ring leader Maria is the most persistent.  Maria is 9, her English is good and she loves chatting to us and asking questions.  We took the kids some 'Sherbet Dibdabs' from the UK, as an exotic treat.  But although they liked the boiled sweet lollipop, the sherbet was less popular.  Not sweet enough.  In Morocco, sweets need to be Sweet!

Maria with Laura on the roof (trying Sherbet Dibdab)
When we arrive now, the kids come up to us and want to hold our hands while crying Monsieur and Madamme Romm'an!

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